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    Model: X19LED Professional 19” LED CCTV Monitor Model: X19LCD Professional 19” LED CCTV Monitor Before you begin Please unpack the box carefully and identify that all the parts are present. Make sure you use only the recommended power supply. Damage caused to the LCD by incorrect voltage or wiring is not covered by the warranty. Please bear in ...

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    Thank you for purchasing this Xvision monitor. Before operating this product, please read this instruction manual carefully. Make sure that you use only the recommended power supply supplied with the unit. When installing the monitor, please make sure that you observe the necessary safety precautions. Try to avoid all direct contact with the LED sc ...

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    X19LED Monitor with a stand 3. Contents Mains Power Cable User Manual ...

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    4. Installation Power Cable Insert Screw T o install the base please insert the bolt from the bottom of the base (as shown in the image below) and screw in firmly . T o use a VESA standard wall br ack et please remove the base assembly from the monitor . T hen use the 4 provided bolt holes to attach to the VESA compliant brack et. Finally insert t ...

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    5. Connections 6. Controls HDMI VGA BNC (IN) BNC (OUT) VIDEO (IN) AUDIO (OUT) 1 3 4 2 5 1. SOURCE: Press this key to enter the menu of the signal source and choose a signal source 2. : Press these keys to select the items which you w ant to adjust within the OSD Menu 3. : Press these keys to add or reduce volume , select the sort menu and adjust th ...

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    7. OSD Menu Signal Source Selection: Press SOURCE button to enter the signal source menu (see image below) T he press the k eys to choose the signal source such as BNC, A V , PC and HDMI. Press the MENU k ey and the monitor will switch the current signal source to the chosen/new signal source . Press the SOURCE key to display the signal source menu ...

  • Xvision X19LED - page 7

    7. OSD Menu continued Picture Settings: Press to enter the PICTURE menu. Press the k eys to choose which settings you would lik e to adjust (i.e . Contr ast, Brightness etc). Press the k eys to adjust the analog value or state (i.e . please see image below): Option Function Description Picture Mode Select picture mode 4 options: Standard, Soft, Use ...

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    Option Function Description Sound Mode Select audio effect mode 4 options: Standard, Music, Movie , User T reble Adjust treble value Increasing values increases the treble (treble level 0-100) Bass Adjust bass value Increasing values increases the bass (bass level 0-100) Balance Adjust balance of left or right sound Increasing values decreases the ...

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    Sound Settings: Press to enter the OSD submenu. Press the k eys to choose which settings you would lik e to adjust. Press the keys to adjust the analog value or state (i.e . please see image below): 7. OSD Menu continued Please Note: - An analog v alue of 50 for the settings is recommended. - T he treble or bass analog value which is adjusted by th ...

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    8. Troubleshooting Symptom F actor Solution No Image/ No Sound P ower cable is loose and not con- nected properly Check the power cable is connected properly and the power button on the monitor is switched No Colour Colour saturation is too low Enter PICTURE menu to increase the colour saturation Monitor has no dis- play and prompts no signal input ...

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    8. Specifications Model: X19LED Screen Type: Professional LCD Screen Size: 19” Resolution: 1366 x 768 Audio: Yes AV Inputs: 2x Phono Socket VGA Input: Yes HDMI Input: Yes BNC Input: Yes Remote Control: No Power Requirements: 12V DC, 2000mA Power Consumption: < 25W Suggested Power Supply: Supplied Mounting: Desk Standing (Wall Mounting Optional ...

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    CCTV TECHNICAL SUPPORT: For Technical Support for any Xvision product please contact your local distributor. LIMITED WARRANTY: This product is supplied with a 2 Year warranty. The Warranty excludes products that have been misused, (including accidental damage) and damage caused by normal wear and tear. In the unlikely event that you encounter a pro ...

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