Ultra Start 1271Mの取扱説明書

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    OWNER’S GUIDE The system must be placed into Service Mode before any ser vice work is started on the vehicle. It is the sole responsibility of the vehicle owner to ensure that this is done. The manufacturer accepts no liability or responsibility for accidental starting of the vehicle. CARBON MONOXIDE - Never Start in an Enclosed Building (Garage ...

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    OWNER ’ S GUIDE PAGE 2 T able Of Contents T able Of Contents Pa ge 2 This Guide Covers... Page 3 About Ultra S tart Feature List Remote St arter Functions Page 6 Remote S tarting Extended Runtime Remote S top Optional Features Page 8-9 Arm/ Lock Doors Silent Lock and Unlock Se Product W arranty Page 20 Safety Page 4 Remote T ransmitters & Ant ...

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    F eature List - Remote Keyless Entry . - Ignition Auto Locks. - Anti-Grind Protection. - Panic Mode. (Personal Protection) - Car Finder . System Override Protection.(Service Mode) - Safety S tart Mode.* - Park Light Diagnostics. - Window Roll-up. - Up to 4 Different Transmitter Codes. - Multi T one Siren.** - Built in Dual S tage Shock Sensor .** - ...

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    Safety The owner/user MUST INST ALL a CARBON MONOXIDE DETECTOR in the living area near to where the vehicle is being stored or parked. ice Mode It is the sole responsibility of the owner/user to keep the remote transmitters away from the reach of children and handle with care so that the system does not unintentionally st art. When the vehicle is p ...

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    = 1 = 2 = 3 = 4 P AGE 5 OWNER ’S GUIDE 2-W A Y LED 2-W A Y LCD ...

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    Re m ot e S ta r ter Functions Remote St arting (if remote start fails to st art see page 19) 1. Press and release the button. 2. The park light s will flash and the siren* or horn (optional) will chirp once to confirm. The vehicle will then remote start, the siren* or horn (optional) will chirp and the park lights will then flash four times then r ...

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    P AGE 7 OWNER ’S GUIDE V ery Important! Do not set Reservation Mode if the vehicle is occupied. Manual transmission remote starters must be set into Reservation Mode before the remote starter will activate. The activation type of Reservation Mode is determined when the system is installed. Auto Reservation Mode (Default) Step 1 - While the vehicl ...

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    Arm/ Lock (optional) 1. Press and release the button. 2. The park light s will flash and the siren* or horn (optional) will chirp one time. 3. The system will arm and doors will lock (optional). NOTE : The LEDs on the antenna will start flashing within five seconds. If installed, the starter disable will activate. Disarm/ Lock (optional) 1.Press an ...

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    R emote T ransmitter Functions T runk (default button) 1. Press and hold the button. 2. The doors will unlock (optional), continue holding until the T runk Release activates. The trunk release will be confirmed by one park light flash and siren*** or horn (optional) chirp. T runk (optional button*) 1. Press and hold the button. 2. The doors will un ...

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    Timer Mode T imer Mode will start the vehicle at a user selectable start interval. The vehicle can be set to start once every 2, 3 or 4 hours , for a maximum of 12 start s. The vehicle will start at the selected start interval and run for the programmed runtime *. EXAMPLE: If the 4 hour start cycle was selected, the vehicle will start once every 4 ...

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    R emote T ransmitter Lear n STEP 1 - Within 3 seconds turn the ignition key to the “ ON ” position three times leaving “ ON ” the third time. NOTE: STEP 3a (Default) - While holding the Program Button, press and release the button on each of the remote transmitters to be programmed. STEP 3b (PadLoc/ - While holding the Program Button, press ...

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    System Service Mode will disable the remote starter . This will only effect the remote start portion of the system. The optional lock, unlock and trunk release features will still be operational. When the vehicle is to have any under hood or service work done, the system must be placed into Service Mode . This feature may also be used if a transmit ...

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    SIREN ICON* - This icon will be displayed when the alarm has been triggered. The icon will stay displayed until the or the button is pressed. ANTENNA ICON - This icon is always visible. A series of lines next to the icon will appear whenever the remote transmitter is within transmitting range of the vehicle. The lines will disappear when out of tra ...

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    LOCK ICON- This icon indicates the ARMED status of the system. NOTE: The doors will be locked (optional) and the LEDs on the antenna will be flashing. UNLOCK ICON - This icon indicates the DISARMED status of the system. NOTE: The doors will be unlocked (optional) and the LEDs on the antenna will be off. RUN TIMER- This icon activates during remote ...

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    TRUNK ICON - This icon indicates that the trunk has been opened. SIREN and LOCK ICONS* - These icons indicate that the alarm has been triggered by the door , hood or ignition inputs. SIREN and HAMMER ICONS* - These icons indicate that the alarm has been triggered by the shock sensor input. *4265 Series ONL Y P AGE 15 OWNER ’S GUIDE LCD DISPLA Y 3 ...

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    T o Enter User Prog ram Mode 1. Press and hold the button for three seconds. The icon will begin to flash, the system is now in User Program Mode. 2. Press and release the button to scroll the list of programmable icons. Selected feature icon will begin to flash. 3a. Press the button to turn the feature icon OFF . 3b. Press the button to turn the f ...

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    SERVICE MODE ICON- This icon indicates the status of the Service Mode feature. If this icon is present, the system is in Service Mode. NOTE: In Service Mode, keyless entry and optional features will still function. ? SHOCK SENSOR ICON*- If this icon is displayed the shock sensor is active. If this icon is not displayed the shock sensor is OFF . SIR ...

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    Shock Sensor- Alarm series ONL Y! OWNER ’ S GUIDE PAGE 18 Adjusting the shock sensor: While the park lights are “ON”, strike the vehicle with the amount of force wanted to trigger the alarm. NOTE: The siren will chirp 3 times each time the system detects imp act. Press and release to increase sensitivity (up to 10 chirps/ flashes). Press and ...

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    If the remote starter does not activate when the button is pressed the park lights will flash a diagnostic code to indicate what shutdown input has been triggered. P ARK LIGHTS ST A TUS LED DIAGNOSTIC CODE 3 Slow Flashes LED’s On Solid System Is In Service Mode 4 Slow Flashes Series of 4 Flashes Not in Reservation Mode (M units) 5 Slow Flashes Se ...

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    Limited Lifetime W ar ranty This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC rules. Operation of this device is subject to the following conditions: (1) This device may not cause harmful interference, and (2) This device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation. CAUTION: Changes or modifications n ...

メーカー Ultra Start カテゴリー Automobile Alarm

Ultra Start 1271Mのメーカーから受け取ることができるドキュメントは、いくつかのグループに分けられます。その一部は次の通りです:
- #BRANDの図面#
- 1271Mの取扱説明書
- Ultra Startの製品カード
- パンフレット
- またはUltra Start 1271Mの消費電力シール
それらは全部重要ですが、デバイス使用の観点から最も重要な情報は、Ultra Start 1271Mの取扱説明書に含まれています。

取扱説明書と呼ばれる文書のグループは、Ultra Start 1271Mの取り付け説明書、サービスマニュアル、簡易説明書、またはUltra Start 1271Mのユーザーマニュアル等、より具体的なカテゴリーに分類されます。ご必要に応じてドキュメントを検索しましょう。私たちのウェブサイトでは、Ultra Start 1271Mの製品を使用するにあたって最も人気のある説明書を閲覧できます。


Ultra Start 1271Mデバイスの取扱説明書はどのようなものですか?
取扱説明書は、ユーザーマニュアル又は単に「マニュアル」とも呼ばれ、ユーザーがUltra Start 1271Mを使用するのを助ける技術的文書のことです。説明書は通常、全てのUltra Start 1271Mユーザーが容易に理解できる文章にて書かれており、その作成者はその分野の専門家です。

Ultra Startの取扱説明書には、基本的な要素が記載されているはずです。その一部は、カバー/タイトルページ、著作権ページ等、比較的重要度の低いものです。ですが、その他の部分には、ユーザーにとって重要な情報が記載されているはずです。

1. Ultra Start 1271Mの説明書の概要と使用方法。説明書にはまず、その閲覧方法に関する手引きが書かれているはずです。そこにははUltra Start 1271Mの目次に関する情報やよくある質問、最も一般的な問題に関する情報を見つけられるはずです。つまり、それらはユーザーが取扱説明書に最も期待する情報なのです。
2. 目次。Ultra Start 1271Mに関してこのドキュメントで見つけることができる全てのヒントの目次
3. Ultra Start 1271Mデバイスの基本機能を使うにあたってのヒント。 Ultra Start 1271Mのユーザーが使い始めるのを助けてくれるはずです。
4. トラブルシューティング。Ultra Start 1271Mに関する最も重要な問題を診断し、解決するために役立つ体系化された手続き
5. FAQ。よくある質問
6. 連絡先。一人では問題を解決できない場合に、その国におけるUltra Start 1271Mのメーカー/サービスへの連絡先に関する情報。

Ultra Start 1271Mについてご質問がありますか?


見つけた説明書を読んでもUltra Start 1271Mの問題を解決できない場合、下記のフォームを使用して質問をしましょう。ユーザーのどなたかがUltra Start 1271Mで同様の問題を抱えていた場合、その解決方法を共有したいと考えるかもしれません。


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