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    User's Manual DSP-Controlled Home Theater Subwoofer Manuel de l'Utilisateur Système d’enceintes d’extrêmes graves audio/vidéo DLS-3500R DLS-3750R DLS-4000R and DLS-5000R TM TM TM TM DLS-3500R DLS-3750R DLS-4000R and DLS-5000R TM TM TM TM ...

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    Caution To reduce the risk of electric shock, do not remove cover (or back). No user-serviceable parts inside. Refer servicing to qualified service personnel. The lighting flash with arrowhead symbol is intended to alert the user to the presence of uninsulated "dangerous voltage" within the product's enclosure that may be of sufficie ...

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    continued. . . 2 ☞ 2 ☞ Congratulations! Congratulations on y our purchase of a V elodyne Distor tion Limiting System TM Remote (DLS-R) subwoof er . This system represents the state-of-the-ar t in low frequency reproduction. Read and f ollow the instructions below to insure safe and proper system operation. W arning! T o prevent fire or shock ha ...

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    3 ☞ 3 ☞ • Anti-clipping circuit • Over excursion protection • Slot loaded design Installation Y our ne w subwoof er system provides f or a number of installation options. Read all the installation information below in order to determine which installation option is best for your system. Remember to perform all installation procedures with ...

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    continued. . . 4 ☞ 4 ☞ Rear P anel Connections Figure 1 shows the connections on the rear panel of the DLS-R. Following are brief descriptions of the connections described in Figure 1. More detail on these connections can be found on the next page. ( 1 ) LO W-P ASS CROSSO VER Use this knob to select the high-frequency range at which you wish to ...

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    5 ☞ 5 ☞ ( 6 ) HIGH P ASS CROSSO VER Switch This switch selects the frequency for the high pass crossover. This crossover is functional on both line and speaker-level outputs. Smaller speakers with limited low frequency output may perform better using the higher 100 Hz setting that will reduce the low frequencies sent to them. Larger speakers wi ...

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    continued. . . 6 ☞ 6 ☞ You should set the crossover frequency to obtain a smooth and seamless transition from the subwoofer to the main speakers in your system. If your main speakers are smaller units with limited low frequency output, you may wish to choose a higher frequency (such as 100-120 Hz) than you would with larger speakers which have ...

  • Velodyne Acoustics DLS-3500R - page 8

    7 ☞ 7 ☞ out” jack that performs this same function and are designed to be used with a powered subw oof er . In these installations, you may want to bypass the crossover in either the processor or the V elodyne subwoof er . In some cases, you ma y want to use BO TH crossovers . T o do this, y ou can use both your processor’ s crossover and t ...

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    continued. . . 8 ☞ 8 ☞ room and system conditions often dictate otherwise. Keep in mind that frequency response and output level can be drastically influenced by placement, depending on the acoustic properties of your listening room. T ypically , the optimum location f or a subwoofer is in a front corner of your listening room. This location wi ...

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    9 ☞ 9 ☞ Usage This section addresses da y-to-da y usage of your DLS-R subwoof e r . Remote Control Figure 2 shows the remote control, enabling you to easily choose whatever listening mode you desire. POWER - This button forces your DLS-R unit into standby mode. The woofer will not play and the LED will turn off. The unit will remain in this mod ...

  • Velodyne Acoustics DLS-3500R - page 11

    10 10 from the subwoofer to the main speakers in your system. This control should be set to achieve similar volume level from between both the main speakers and subwoofer. When pressing volume up or down, the speed at which the power light blinks indicates subwoofer volume - the faster the blinking, the louder the unit plays. Note: The volume can a ...

  • Velodyne Acoustics DLS-3500R - page 12

    11 11 Jazz – Classical: The tightest, cleanest, lowest distor tion bass. Games: Maximum loudness available for the im- pact of video games. The following table indicates musical style and which preset is recommended for it. MUSICAL STYLE SUGGESTED PRESET Action Adventure Movies Movies Country – Rock R&B – Rock Country – Soft Jazz – Cl ...

  • Velodyne Acoustics DLS-3500R - page 13

    12 12 on the cabinet. We recommend using a damp cloth to clean the front, back and sides. Use a soft cloth with a good quality furniture polish to clean the hand-rubbed, blac k lacquer , painted top. During normal conditions, the subwoofer may be left on continuously without any problems. If you plan to leave the unit unused for an extended period ...

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    SPECIFICATIONS DLS-3500R DLS-3750R DLS-4000R DLS-5000R Cabinet (H,W ,D) 15" x 12" x 15.75" 16" x 15" x 17.75" 18" x 15" x 19" 21” x 18.4” x 20.75” (cm) 37.5 x 30 x 39 40 x 37.5 x 44 45 x 37.5 x 47.5 52.5 x 46 x 52 Frequency Response 35Hz-140 Hz (+/-3 dB) 28Hz-120 Hz (+/-3 dB) 25Hz-120 Hz (+/- 3 dB) ...

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    LIMITED WARRANTY VELODYNE ACOUSTICS, Inc. (“VELODYNE”) warrants all powered subwoofers for a period of two years, and full range speakers for a period of five years. All VELODYNE products have a warranty from the date of purchase against defects in materials and workmanship subject to the following conditions: 1. VELOD YNE is not responsible fo ...

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    “Not only was the little V elodyne the best small sub I’ve e ver used, it was one of the v er y best subs I’ve used. ” -John P otis SoundStage!, April 2002 Velodyne Acoustics, Inc. 345 Digital Drive Morgan Hill, CA 95037 408.465.2800 voice 408.779.9227 fax 408.779.9208 service fax Service e-mail: Produc ...

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A complete Velodyne Acoustics manual, should contain several basic components. Some of them are less important, such as: cover / title page or copyright page. However, the remaining part should provide us with information that is important from the point of view of the user.

1. Preface and tips on how to use the manual Velodyne Acoustics DLS-3500R - At the beginning of each manual we should find clues about how to use the guidelines. It should include information about the location of the Contents of the Velodyne Acoustics DLS-3500R, FAQ or common problems, i.e. places that are most often searched by users in each manual
2. Contents - index of all tips concerning the Velodyne Acoustics DLS-3500R, that we can find in the current document
3. Tips how to use the basic functions of the device Velodyne Acoustics DLS-3500R - which should help us in our first steps of using Velodyne Acoustics DLS-3500R
4. Troubleshooting - systematic sequence of activities that will help us diagnose and subsequently solve the most important problems with Velodyne Acoustics DLS-3500R
5. FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
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